Rater Fest! 2009 Update

Top 6 Reasons YOU should attend RATER FEST! 2009:

1. Colorado in September is fun for everyone in the family – and did I mention it was beautiful here this time of year?

2. RF! is an event created by Raters, for Raters and their families – ONLY!

3. Share with and learn from Raters from around the country

4. Earn CEUs while you drink local brews, then boogie-down to live music – could there be a better way?!

5. Dunk Steve Byers in our “Dunk-That-Rater” tank – yes, you read that right!

6.  RESNET Green Rater Training at RATER FEST! 2009

Distinguish yourself from the rest with a RESNET Green Rater certification. Normally $400, we are offering this brand new training to RF! 2009 participants for only $100—that’s a 75% savings!RF! 2009, then contact Linda to confirm your spot Register for .

What should you do next?

  • Read more about RF! 2009: http://www.nrglogic.com/raterfest.shtml
  • Check-out the RF! 2009 schedule:  http://www.nrglogic.com/docs/RaterFestSchedule.pdf
  • Register for RF! 2009: http://www.nrglogic.com/raterfestreg.shtml
  • Contact Linda for more details: linda.bilsens@nrglogic.com , 970.556.7194

***Stay tuned for CEU information coming soon!***

EnergyLogic Blog Launch!

Hi All,

We’ve launched a blog for the company.  I’ll be working to get the word out about all of the exciting things going on at EnergyLogic.  Those things include, of course:

  • Energy Star Homes
  • Home Performance with Energy Star
  • HERS/RESNET Energy Rater Training
  • BPI BA Training
  • iRate
  • OptiMiser (which has it’s own blog)

and last but not least of course, special events like Rater Fest!