Ever been on an overbooked airline flight?  Ever wonder how that can possibly be okay?  That is, how can a company sell you something that they have at least a high expectation they won’t be able to deliver?   I think that most of us find that at least annoying and if you are on the “Standby” list, downright maddening.

So, what if the airline scheduled flights and just flew the ones that had the most passengers and cancelled the others?  Would that be okay with you?

We thought not.

We’re posing this question as we have made a conscious decision not to pursue this sort of a business model.  If we schedule a HERS, BPI, or some other class, we have every intention of being there and putting on that class.  It doesn’t mean that we won’t ever cancel a class if there isn’t enough interest, but what we won’t do is put up a training schedule that we know we can’t service if things filled up.  Our commitment to those who want to get into one of the most exciting and dynamic industries you could possibly imagine, is that if we post a training schedule, we can staff that training.


Why this explanation of what would seem to be common sense and generally good business?  Well, not everyone agrees with this approach.  Some organizations have business models that are built on what we described above.

Some training organizations advertise a great deal of trainings that would be nearly impossible to fill and most certainly impossible to staff. How is it possible for a training organization to have multiple trainings scheduled on the same days in multiple locations around the country? In some cases I’m not even sure if there are enough trainers in the country to cover what is being advertised.

We all want volume for our training programs, but to what degree will we sacrifice quality or market confidence to achieve our volume goals?  In our opinion advertising classes with the expectation of cancelling the vast majority of them damages our industry. It lowers the bar on expectations for delivery of goods and services. It reveals a willingness to capture training dollars at the expense of producing qualified well grounded residential energy auditors and raters.

EnergyLogic promises you that we will uphold the highest standard of ethics in our work in this industry across all of the different divisions of our company, including training.

-The EnergyLogic Team