Nepotistic Blog Post

In the category of nepotistic promotion….

If you have a teenager (or really, if you just like to read) and would like to visit a really well-written, thoughtful literature (teenager focused) blog site, please visit


My awesome daughter has embarked on a project to read 500 books before graduating from Berthoud High School and write a review and summary of each one.  She’s a ridiculously prolific reader and writer and I’m very proud of the work she’s doing.  When she was little we used to tease her that there really aren’t jobs for professional “Readers”.  Might’ve spoke too soon…

Thanks in advance to all who do visit.  We appreciate it!


Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

We’ve been at this a long time.  EnergyLogic and its predecessors have been doing HERS ratings since 1998.

As a matter of fact, we’ve done something north of 15,000 HERS Ratings over that time frame.  So, we think we’ve got it down now.  We’ve long wanted to do something that we believe is bold and has yet to be done.  This won’t be our first venture into uncharted waters, that’s really part of our DNA.  We’ve had a lot of firsts, but this one feels special as it is so tangible to our builder clients.

Starting immediately, for a modest fee, EnergyLogic will offer a guarantee of the heating and cooling energy use for any home that carries our HERS Rating.  This is a logical, if bold, step for our company.  It is a reflection of confidence in:

  • Ourselves – our staff, processes, training and systems
  • Our builder clients – who working with us build excellent and energy-efficient homes
  • Building Science – in that it gives us the framework to have confidence in our evaluations of homes

There are some details of course, but we set ourselves the goal that the “fine” print would fit on one side of one page in 14 point font.  We think that should do the trick.  Basically the fine print says that the occupant will behave in a rational way and operate the house within commonly accepted standards.  That’s about it.  Simple.  Powerful.  Easy.  What’s not to like?


In 2012 we plan to make this available to our Rater Partners around the nation.  We’ll have a simple vetting process and a small amount of training to participate.  We believe that this simple tool will bring real, tangible value to the HERS Rating that it hasn’t enjoyed before.  While we certainly believe in a HERS Rating’s value without additional bells and whistles, we do think this will resonate more concretely with those less engaged in our world!

Please find a flyer describing this service right here – EL_EnergyGuaranFlyerOct2011.  Contact us if you’d be interested in this program in the future.