Top 5 Things Your Rating Company Should Do!

Are you committed to your success?  Here are our top 5 things every rating company (or any company) should do!

1.  Have Goals

If you don’t have any goals, you surely won’t achieve them.

This is a play on Yogi Berra’s famous, “If you don’t know where you are going, you will wind up somewhere else.” But think about it.  Most businesses don’t have a clearly defined set of goals. If they do, they may be too lofty (i.e. is it a mission or is it a goal?). They may not refine them as they are reached or as the world shifts around them.  Imagine a horseshoe manufacturer around the time that “horseless” carriages started to take off.  Think they needed to adjust their goals or even the entire business model?

2.  Be Accountable to Someone

Please, someone, anyone!  If everyone in your organization isn’t accountable to someone, then they are accountable to no one.  That goes most of all for you if you’re the leader.  Most of us that have the mantle of leadership might say that we are accountable to everyone in the organization.  That’s true, sort of.  But who above you are you accountable to?  Who is your trusted advisor, who will truly hold your feet to the fire?

3.  Know Where You are as a Business

Every business has a lifecycle. There are a number of great books that include discussions about this.  The venerable E-Myth is one and not as well-known is one called Navigating the Growth Curve.  As you guide your organization through its lifecycle, it is critical to know where you are and what’s coming around the bend. The great news is that you aren’t alone, many have blazed the same path!

4.  Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

One of the great temptations in life, especially as a type A personality is to try to work on your weaknesses. As a business leader, it’s a mistake to focus on your weaknesses instead of playing to your strengths.  If you are a natural cheerleader, play to that.  If you are naturally process driven, go there. Hire the things that you suck at.


5.  Start with Plan A

You don’t really need a Plan B if you don’t have a Plan A. Too many organizations don’t even have a Plan A.  If you don’t have one, build one. Go ahead, I’ll wait… just kidding, but if you don’t have a plan, you need to start developing one.  Again, there are myriad books, articles and other references including mentors and coaches to help you work on this key area of business success.  Another great thing! – you get to refine the plan over and over, so your work in learning how to do this will serve you in the future.


EnergyLogic is committed to helping our partners succeed in business.  Our newest HERS Provider service is called Premium Provider.  Part of the package for Premium Provider is business coaching and mentoring.  All of the points above are part of the work we can do together.  As with many things that we believe in, if you don’t work with us on these things, work with someone, it’s critical to your success.

Who Stash Is That? Updated…

How does one celebrate the Mustaches of Building Science?

Well, we’re not really sure, so we made something up.

In preparation for ACI next week, and a late celebration of International Mustache Day (February 24th) we are pleased to present you with our timely game of “Whose Stash Is That?” Game.

The game was originally labeled, “Ew, Whose Stash Is That?” but we changed the name after our Photoshop wizard stopped grossing out after she finished defining the difference between upper lip hair and the nose hair of our various unsuspecting entries.

So, without further ado, or blather..



Mustache #1 Mustache #2 Mustache #3 Mustache #4 Mustache #5 Mustache #6





Oh, the glory of them all!

Can you match the man to the stash?

Your options are:

  • Brett Dillon
  • Neil Moyer
  • John Proctor
  • Paul Raymer
  • Dave Roberts
  • Peter Troast

Hope the anticipation doesn’t kill you.

One more note, we did not ask permission… umm. Sorry!

Update:  05/1/2013

Here are your results!

Thanks for letting us play. (And don’t be afraid to celebrate Photoshop!)

#1 – John Proctor


#2 – Brett Dillon #3 – Peter Troast








#4 – Neil Moyer #5 – Dave Roberts


#6 – Paul Raymer


Quench Your Thirst to Learn

EnergyLogic is Leading Professionals to the Water

Premium Provider Services Part 4

You can lead an Energy Geek to water…

  • but they probably won’t drink it unless it’s from a low flow fixture.
  • and they’ll wonder where the water came from and ask to inspect the site
  • and once they arrive they’ll marvel at the water
  • and then they’ll search the shoreline for evidence of its origin
  • and even then you can’t make them drink.

However, we are doing our best to entice you to Quench Your Thirst to Learn by offering deep training discounts to Premium Provider Members.

All Premium Provider Members (including their staff and client network) will receive 50% discount for online EnergyLogic Academy trainings.

The EnergyLogic Academy was built on the foundation that your success is our success. Our focus has always been to prepare our clients and students to be the best educated home energy professionals in the industry.  EnergyLogic Academy has invested heavily in courses that offer the highest quality trainings available.  In order to continue offering trainings we are looking for Premium Partners to invest a little in their thirst to learn and we will meet you more than halfway to continue offering premium training services to help you, your staff, and clients all grow professionally.

EnergyLogic Academy currently offers a complete and comprehensive online training program and we believe it is the best in our industry.  Our online classes provide interactive learning resources; interaction with classmates and instructors through forums; complete activities that reinforce your knowledge; and finally quizzes and tests to measure your comprehension.  These courses are more comprehensive than our competitors for one reason: We challenge you during training so you are ready for the challenges of the field.

The deepest discount is offering SketchUp and ENERGY STAR v3 trainings at no additional cost to all premium members and their staff. And yes, this includes sales and office staff. We think these two trainings are important to the success of any rating company.  If you’re not already using SketchUp for takeoffs you’re missing out on a more accurate, visually appealing, and quicker form of takeoffs (cuts takeoffs in half).  ENERGY STAR v3 is important for all staff to understand and have working knowledge of, plain and simple.

The more staff you have the more valuable Premium Provider Membership becomes!  Sign up today by emailing or calling 970-556-7195.


Glenn Pease
Technical Lead
EnergyLogic, Inc.

Welcome to Denver ACI!

Here is my personal guide to things to do in Denver especially focused on eating and drinking and things that you can walk to from the 16th St. Mall.

Disclaimer:  This is my personal list, it reflects places I’ve been and things that I enjoy.  Good luck!

PDF attached below or scroll down for links and a separate map…

ACI – Welcome to Denver! Steve’s Guide








ACI – Welcome to Denver –

The Mile-High City, Queen City of the West, Queen City of the Plains, Wall Street of the West and a whole lot more!

Welcome all my fellow ACI attendees to Denver.  I can tell you right now that I’m quite proud of our fine city.  We’ve done a tremendous amount of work in the past many years.  This is a photo from the Denver Post of the Rockies opening day twenty years ago…
The city is barely recognizable from this photo.  Old Mile High in the foreground – gone.  McNichols Arena next to it – gone. No Coors Field, LoDo a place you didn’t go because there was no reason to go.  We’ve got a tremendous amount of in-fill and density happening.  We’ve got light-rail; we have a recovered river.  It’s good stuff.

In some ways, it’s back to the future…

Wow!  Downtown is exciting again.  And that brings me to the objective of this missive.  One thing I can say about the people at ACI is that they work hard, really hard.

They barely leave the hotel.  So this is my clarion call to you to… leave the hotel!

A great city is at your doorstep when you are downtown like this.  I’ve put together my personal list of favorite places to eat and drink, listen to music and focused it primarily on what you can walk to with a few exceptions.

Just like your great city, the history is rich and pride runs deep.

I hope that you can take a few minutes or better yet, an extra day or two and see some of what we have to offer.  Once again, welcome!

My twitter handle is @elstevebyers and if you want to reach me that way for guidance or an opinion, I’ll do my best!


Must See!

Denver Art Museum – a few blocks from the conference and really lovely.  If you’re in early, Georgia O’keeffe leaves after 4/28.

Confluence Park – at the west end of the mall, ride the tram and then walk a few blocks, the river should be raging with the moisture we’ve had!

16th Street Mall – once you’ve been up and down it a few thousand times it loses a little charm, but pretty fun all and all, look for the pianos up and down the way. Bars, eateries and shopping all along.

Red Rocks – west of town, incredibly beautiful, no shows yet, too early!

Clyfford Still Museum – one man’s art.  If you like modern art (as I do) this is a great stop.

Tattered Cover Bookstore – a really great independent bookstore towards the west end of the mall – hours of fun for bibliophiles!

Rockies vs Rays on Friday – we sometimes have professional baseball here J

Nuggets – yep, they could still be playing!

And of course, you can get outside.  We have a couple of outdoor activities around here…





























Eating and Drinking – these are few of my favorite things…

Drinking – off the mall, but all within a block or three of the mall bus…

Falling Rock Taphouse – many, many beers on tap, close to Coors Field

Freshcraft – ditto with lots of locals.  We have a LOT of excellent local beer…

Whiskey Bar – a “nice” dark, “dive” bar.  Go to Biker Jim’s (below) and then cross the street to the Whiskey Bar.  200+ whiskies, firewater, what have you…

Pints Pub – do you like single malt?  Do you?  How does over 260 of them sound?  I thought so.

On the Mall – The Yardhouse – convenient and plentiful selection


Eating – likewise off the mall but all easy to get to…

Larimer Street – this is the place, go just south of 16th St and you’ll find a plethora (yes I like big words) of mid to upper end places, tons of great ones.  If you’re looking for a really good, organic, local, etc.  somewhat pricey meal I recommend The Kitchen.

On the other hand…

Biker Jim’s – fantastic wild game Brats.  Really one of my favorite places to eat. Great sides and sauces matched up with the brats.

Snooze – a magnificent breakfast eatery.  There can be a line here any day of the week and especially on weekends.

Crepe’s and Crepe’s – just off the mall with a wide variety of sweet and savory crepes.  Here’s a challenge, get a group together and let them decide only between Crepe’s and Crepe’s and Biker Jim’s – Ha!

Sonoda’s Sushi – if you’re a sushi snob, this probably isn’t the place, but I like it and it’s in a basement!

Okay, this is a short list, I could probably go on and on, so good luck out there and for God’s sake have some fun too!

We’ll be here to meet you!








More eating and drinking!

Steuben’s 523 East 17th Avenue

Really great lunch and dinner, diner style.  Not a terribly long walk.

Cheeky Monk Belgian Beer Cafe 534 East Colfax Avenue

A local chain, fabulous beer, decent food, probably too far to walk

Uncle 2215 West 32nd Avenue

Cross over the Platte by foot or go by taxi.  This is my new favorite in Denver.  Truly fantastic, affordable Korean inspired food.

Root Down 1600 West 33rd Avenue

Haven’t been here, but it’s supposed to be fantastic.  This and Uncle above are in Highlands.  If you go here, there are great places all around you.  The amazing Johnny Cupcakes personally recommended this place to me.

Amerigo Delicatus 2449 Larimer Street

Low-key, neighborhood style type of place really nice. Italian dishes, good deals on wine, Bruschetta Bar.



Jazz @ Jack’s – one guess what they have here.  Right on the 16th St. Mall, so very easy…

Ogden/Fillmore/Bluebird – Indie, alt. music, rock, etc.  Old theater style venues.  My favorites!

Larimer Lounge/Hi-Dive/Herman’s Hideaway/Cervantes Other Side – Indie, alternative, etc. Bar type venues

Paramount – right off the mall, big time theater type venue – John Prine on Friday night!

See schedule below…




































More Transparency for RESNET®

Full Disclosure – I am a RESNET Board and Quality Assurance Committee Member

For several years now I’ve listened to and watched as numerous parties have complained that no one is ever taken to task by RESNET.  That’s not ever been true, but the public perception of that was definite.  The discipline undertaken by RESNET has been largely behind the scenes and out of the public eye.  Recently however, there has been a change in process that has made this far less true. It is now possible to view HERS Providers that are either under suspension or revocation.  This new level of transparency bodes well for the future.

Though it remains true that while cases are being adjudicated, they are still private. Once decisions are made, those decisions are made public when a punitive measure is adopted.  Obviously, when no action is taken, there is no reason to make decisions public.  I can attest from my work on the Quality Assurance Committee that a great deal of attention is being paid to these issues and that positive modifications to the process are ongoing.  It is always a balancing act to address the need to protect the industry with due process for those who find themselves the focus of attention of the organization.

Primarily, I’m pleased to see that we are achieving greater transparency around the work of the organization.  That is my personal objective as a member of the board, to drive transparency to the greatest possible degree.

Steve Byers
EnergyLogic, Inc.