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Attention: RESNET®  Trainers, Raters, and Rating Field Inspectors! 

The train is leaving the station- don’t be left behind. 

In early 2013, the RESNET Board adopted changes to Chapter 2 of the Mortgage Industry National Home Energy Rating Standards.  Those changes included two significant additions that are now going into effect.  The minimum required knowledge and skills for individuals carrying RESNET credentials now includes Combustion Safety Testing (CST) and Work Scope Development!  For details on how this will affect you, read on.

Rating Field Inspectors (RFIs) and HERS Raters

 This guy missed the train.
This guy missed the train.
  • Beginning January 1, 2014 all new candidates will now have to pass three exams.  (80% or better on the written and 85% on the simulator.) The first is the usual 50 question (either RFI or HERS® Rater) written exam, which includes basic building science, field diagnostics, RESNET Standards, etc. Second, the new candidate will have to pass a 25 question CST/Work Scope Development exam. Finally, the candidate will have to pass a simulated Combustion Safety Testing field exam.  This was developed for RESNET by Interplay and uses much of the same platform as Interplay’s BPI BA training simulator.
  • The phase-in will be consistent with previous RESNET exam changes.  Those who have already earned the RFI or HERS Rater designation are “grandfathered” but only for a time.  All existing RFIs and HERS Raters must pass both the Work Scope Development exam and the Combustion Safety Testing simulated exam by January 1, 2015.

RESNET Trainers and Training Providers

  • Beginning January 1, 2014 all existing RESNET Accredited Trainers will now have to pass both the Work Scope Development written exam and the CST Simulated exam.
  • Beginning January 1, 2014 all RESNET Accredited Training Providers will have to incorporate both CST and Work Scope Development into their curriculum.  RESNET will not allow Training Providers to renew for 2014 until they have at least one trainer who has taken and passed the two new exams.

photo3 happy eproMy colleague Glenn Pease and I both successfully challenged the new exams recently in order maintain EnergyLogic’s RESNET Training Provider Accreditation.  Our advice on the simulator exam is to first read the new standard carefully.  Those familiar with BPI’s CST procedures  will have an easier go of it, but only after noting some of the significant differences such as time limits for spillage testing and simulating the draft of non-sealed combustion wood stoves and fireplaces with your blower door.  Once you’ve registered for the simulator exam, Interplay makes available their online tutorial with unlimited access for a full month.  It is worth taking the time to do all of the tutorials.  Even for you experts at CST, take our advice and practice using the simulator to become familiar with the navigation and use of the tool.  For those not previously trained in Combustion Safety Testing procedures (BPI or equivalent) we strongly advise taking a CST & Work Scope field training from a RESNET Accredited Training Provider.  Mike Barcik and his pals at Southface Institute will be offering this training at the RESNET Conference in Atlanta this FebruaryEnergyLogic Academy includes CST in our Rater Training Curriculum now, and we will begin offering a stand-alone version for current raters and RFIs in spring of 2014.

SDoyle_ArticlePicScott Doyle
Director of Energy Professionals Services
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