Colorado Springs Utilities’ Incentives

cospringsutil_on_whiteColorado Springs offers incentives to build and certify homes with the ENERGY STAR new homes program.  Colorado Springs Utilities Builder Incentive Program is intended to partially offset the costs to integrate energy-efficiency measures into your current building practices. The program also offsets some of the cost to work with a qualified rating company such as EnergyLogic to verify compliance with the program. Qualified homes are eligible for energy incentives up to $800 per home.

Visit Colorado Spring Utilities for more details, or feel free to call Robby at 720-838-0677.


NAECA 2015 – What It Means for Builders

How does this affect Colorado Builders?

GSUSANational Appliance Energy Conservation Act otherwise known as NAECA will be increasing minimum energy efficiency standards for water heaters. NAECA was enacted in 2010 and goes into effect on April 16, 2015.

The new 2015 DOE energy efficiency mandates will require higher energy factor (EF) ratings on virtually all residential gas, electric and oil fired water heaters. These changes will have minimal impact on most Builders that work with EnergyLogic.  The majority of builders we work with along the Front Range are already currently installing power vented water heaters that meet or exceed the new standard.  But those still using the minimum efficiency water heaters will need to plan for some important differences.

Water heater manufactures will be adapting the new standards by changing some of their designs to incorporate additional insulation, newer flue baffling technologies (including flue dampers), electronic ignition in lieu of the standing pilot, or any combination of these. One likely impact will be an increase in the overall product size, especially in diameter which architects and designers need to be aware of for proper spacing within a utility room.

To achieve the required EF for gas-fired products over 55 gallons (< 75,000 BTU/Hr.), fully condensing combustion technology likely will be required.  Currently many manufactures provide condensing water heaters that are capable of meeting the new requirements. This also may mean that line voltage will have to be available as well as a means for condensate disposal.

Tankless water heaters are also a viable way of meeting the new efficiency requirements.  In the past few tankless units were available with a starting EF of .80 and now the minimum starting efficiency of a tankless water heater is 0.82 EF.

The following grids show the changes in DOE minimum efficiency factor requirements:



“Great Seal of the United States (obverse)” by U.S. Government – Extracted from PDF version of Our Flag, available here (direct PDF URL here.). Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons –

Our Newest Reason to Brag and Your Best Reason to Attend!

Autumn LodgeWe’re stoked!  RaterFest! 2015 is now officially a RESNET® Regional Conference.

We couldn’t believe it, but when we applied for continuing education credits for our upcoming RaterFest! event, it took less than 24 hours to approval from our friends at RESNET. Thanks, RESNET. We’re proud to be called a RESNET Regional Conference. We won’t let you down!

What does this partnership mean for you?  It means that when you join us September 18-20 for the 7th Annual RaterFest!, you will also be earning 12 hours of RESNET Rater, QAD, & Trainer Professional Development.

The RaterFest! Experience:

  • RaterFest! 095 - Copy12 Hours of RESNET Rater, QAD, & Trainer Professional Development
  • 2 ½ Days in the Rocky Mountains
  • 10 Speakers
  • 5 Colorado craft brews
  • 6 Meals
  • 2 Night’s lodging
  • 4 Rater Olympics obstacles
  • 1 Amazing weekend to celebrate the home performance industry.

Learn more and register for RaterFest! 2015.

We’re easy to reach by phone at 888-917-5532, or by email.

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