Here it is, Your Energy Professional Top 12!

Since becoming a part of the EnergyLogic family, I have noticed some similar praises and complaints from our staff regarding life outside the office.  Those all being related to living with an Energy Professional.  Some are good, some bad, some pretty funny.  What better idea than to blog about it?  Thus, the birth of EnergyLogic’s Top Twelve lists were born.

Top 12 Reasons Why it’s Awesome to Live with an Energy Professional

  1. Consistent upgrades to new more efficient appliances without begging.
  2. They are easily excited by lower utility bills.
  3. You can always find a flashlight.
  4. Free booties!
  5. They’re smarter than a NEST Thermostat.
  6. Our fish named Joyce-T and Captain Kneewall.
  7. Our furnace filters are changed as often as our underwear.
  8. We never run out of masking tape.
  9. Affectionately calling him the King of Caulk.
  10. Fun with infrared cameras!
  11. They will sign-off on anything.
  12. Playing ‘Audit My House.’


Top 12 Reasons Why it’s Difficult to Live with an Energy Professional

  1. It’s always dark.
  2. Convincing him that spray foam is not a design feature.
  3. Constantly pointing out other peoples home design flaws… usually to no one in particular.
  4. He’s been ruining dinner parties since 1992.
  5. There is nothing difficult, just ask him when he’s done talking the dog for a walk on the water.
  6. He will break down a door to turn on the bathroom fan when someone is showering.
  7. Talks a good game about what “I” need to do to improve “MY” efficiency while he sits on the couch eating “MY” chips and drinking “MY” beer.
  8. Dirty blower door jokes. They got old quick.
  9. My home has more meters, data loggers, and monitoring devices installed than an ICU patient.
  10. Annoyingly asking people what they pay in utilities.
  11. Cannot make simple decisions like “what’s for dinner” without extensive software modeling
  12. Repeated yelling at the kids, asking if they know the R value of a screen door


We would love to hear your contributions!  I know there are some good ones out there.



Not Quite Yet an Energy Geek

Our tenants recently vacated a rental house we own and I posted an ad seeking new ones.  We got a quick response from a gentleman who was very interested and came over to look at the house right away.  The house is nothing fancy — a mid-sized 3-bedroom ranch built in the early 1950’s — but he said it was perfect … bigger than their current house and in great shape. Oh, one thing … was it okay if he and his wife had eight kids?

Excuse me?

We need to rent it, but the thought of a family of 10 hadn’t really crossed my mind.  After all, when we lived in the house it was just me, my wife and two kids – it seemed just about right.  But who am I to say how many you can fit in a house?  I talked with my wife and we discussed such a small amount of space for so many kids, the wear and tear on the carpet-blinds-appliances, damage we’d seen from far fewer occupants, and how the neighbors might react.  You know, the normal stuff you think about with 10 people living under one roof.

Then I happened to mention my situation to one of my coworkers here at EnergyLogic, and his thoughts made me realize I have not yet graduated to “Energy Geek”.  Was he concerned with the space, wear and tear or neighbors?  Nope. He wanted to know if I’d considered the DHW use and the HW heating demand that would occur with so many occupants – could our systems handle it?  And what about the moisture issues that come with increased occupants – did we have proper venting?  Did we have older wiring that might not be able to handle plug loads from teens using computers, watching TV or charging the various array of other electronics?  Internal heat gains – had I even thought about them?

Ummmm … no, no, no and no.

I guess I have a ways to go before I’ve been converted from a homeowner into an Energy Geek.

Will Lorey
 EnergyLogic, Inc



Energy Avenger Prepping for the ‘THRILLA IN THE VILLA’

The Energy Avenger has been donning his favorite cape and putting on quite a show for the locals here in Berthoud, CO.  Over the last few days the recently incarcerated super hero has been publicly working out for the enjoyment of the community.  His press release dated February 12th announced his promise to begin, “… a rigorous new training program to steel myself for the coming trials.”  He has certainly held true to his word.

We spotted the Energy Avenger during one of his ‘work-outs’ at the Logical Living Center, home of the EnergyLogic Academy.  He was busy bench pressing bags of insulation and tubes of caulk. At one time, he attempted chin-ups on a neighboring swing-set.  After three chin-ups he windily declared, “Why do chin-ups when I can do fly-ups?”  He then repeatedly hovered above and below the swing set much to the onlookers delight.  I couldn’t help but ask him about a beverage he was surreptitiously consuming.  The Avenger declared is was his ever present ‘Super Power Enhancement Potion. It is a concoction I plan to share with the energy efficiency community at #RESNET13.  This reporter could not help but noticed how it look strikingly familiar to a bottle of Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA.


According to the Avenger, he plans to take on energy inefficiencies head-on during the 2013 RESNET Conference during the evening hours of the 27th and 28th of February at a neighboring hotel villa.  He called this his ‘THRILLA IN THE VILLA!’   He’s packed his boxing gloves and other fairly unnecessary training equipment in preparation for an all out throw down of ideas and thought provoking conversation on how to save the world this coming year.

I asked the Avenger if he was planning on staying the straight and narrow path, and if a repeat of his recent episode in Las Vegas may happen during #RESNETafterdark.

He then smiled, belched somewhat discretely, and flew away.




Thanks, with Mushroom Soup and Dried Onion Topping

Reenactment of the EnergyLogic Team during my benefits presentation last year.

It’s that time of year for the birthing of Thanksgiving blogglings, giving thanks to every employee, employer, client, reader, parent, child, babysitter, brand of tequila, and famous pretend love interest (I heart you, Dr. Doug Ross).  I can’t help but jump on that ship.  My apologies if this is too personal, but I’m guessing nobody reads blogs on Thanksgiving, so I’m going for it.  Here we go.

Thank you, EnergyLogic.  You are a fabulous place to work.  You’re flexible, dependable, growing and quite fun at times.  I’m lucky to be a part of the family who shares it, truly.  And I’m not just sucking up to the bosses either!

Thanks to everyone at EnergyLogic who has supported me in this shared social media, marketing, and benefits adventure.  The learning curve has certainly challenged my batting average of excellence in the workplace, but my numbers are picking up.  Thank you for your faith in me.

Thank you to the owners and managers of EnergyLogic who thought I would be great at this.  My current employment position is truly the fruit of being in the right office at the right time, sprinkled with the fact that I show up every day and I talk too much. Thanks.

The EnergyLogic Scheduling Team

Thank you to the EnergyLogic scheduling team who allows me to pilfer their chocolate reserves on a regular basis without asking me when I’m going to contribute to the ‘chocolate fund jar.’  I’m aware that I have eaten approximately $56.00 in chocolate this year and I’ve only contributed $3.00. I swear to you all I will step up my game. I swear. And thank you.

Thank you to the entire staff of EnergyLogic who allow me to fly my “organize everything” freak flag as high as I want.  It’s a beautiful and well organized flag.  I wave it proudly and most efficiently. I also appreciate the drop in sarcastic comments to more of the ‘rolling of the eyes’ attitude from everyone when I have one of my organizational fits.  My deepest thanks.  Now please get your dead or dying crap out of the fridge. I love you all. Thank you.


Thank you to my beautiful Pyrenees, Bear, who accompanies me to work most days.  He makes my arrivals to work each morning a joyous occasion.  I feel as though each of my coworkers’ lavish hello’s is a treat for me as well. Thank you for being so handsome, Bear. I wish I loved you more as a dirty gross dog because your grooming is painfully expensive.  But, thank you anyway.

Thank you to my direct supervisor  and COO Will, for the occasional pat’s on the back.  It’s all I need to feel great on any given day.  I also thank him for recognizing my need of emails as reminders of things I need to do.  My aging brain no longer remembers every little detail, and I feel as though written lists are an admission of defeat.  Thank you, Will.

Thank you to our Controller, Janet, for freeing me from accounting.  I wonder if I ever belonged in that meticulous and precise profession, although it seemed like a never ending puzzle and I thought I was pretty good at it when I really wasn’t.  In the end, there is just no good outlet for jokes in accounting. And blogging about it… don’t get me started.  Thank you, Janet.

Thank you, Kelly from GrafikNature Design, Jen from WebsitesByJen, and ‘Amazing Steve’ the leader of EnergyLogic’s Circus Division, for holding my hand through pretty much every aspect of everything to this point.  Your patience is ever present and appreciated.  No jokes here.

Thank you customers, clients, builders and students of EnergyLogic.  We would be nothing without you.  Literally.

There is always something new to be thankful about at EnergyLogic, which is another thing I’m thankful for.

Enjoy your Thanksgivings, Everyone!