Energy Avenger Prepping for the ‘THRILLA IN THE VILLA’

The Energy Avenger has been donning his favorite cape and putting on quite a show for the locals here in Berthoud, CO.  Over the last few days the recently incarcerated super hero has been publicly working out for the enjoyment of the community.  His press release dated February 12th announced his promise to begin, “… a rigorous new training program to steel myself for the coming trials.”  He has certainly held true to his word.

We spotted the Energy Avenger during one of his ‘work-outs’ at the Logical Living Center, home of the EnergyLogic Academy.  He was busy bench pressing bags of insulation and tubes of caulk. At one time, he attempted chin-ups on a neighboring swing-set.  After three chin-ups he windily declared, “Why do chin-ups when I can do fly-ups?”  He then repeatedly hovered above and below the swing set much to the onlookers delight.  I couldn’t help but ask him about a beverage he was surreptitiously consuming.  The Avenger declared is was his ever present ‘Super Power Enhancement Potion. It is a concoction I plan to share with the energy efficiency community at #RESNET13.  This reporter could not help but noticed how it look strikingly familiar to a bottle of Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA.


According to the Avenger, he plans to take on energy inefficiencies head-on during the 2013 RESNET Conference during the evening hours of the 27th and 28th of February at a neighboring hotel villa.  He called this his ‘THRILLA IN THE VILLA!’   He’s packed his boxing gloves and other fairly unnecessary training equipment in preparation for an all out throw down of ideas and thought provoking conversation on how to save the world this coming year.

I asked the Avenger if he was planning on staying the straight and narrow path, and if a repeat of his recent episode in Las Vegas may happen during #RESNETafterdark.

He then smiled, belched somewhat discretely, and flew away.




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