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EnergyLogic crafts many Tech Bulletins on a variety of subjects to help educate our clients while ensuring that we are all on the same page regarding what is required by a program or a code.

Our Tech Bulletin’s topics range from ventilation to insulation, from fan ducting installation to warm/conditioned crawl space design, and more. Most topics we cover come from questions you ask that need added research and understanding. If necessary, plan sets or scope-of-work documents may be created to address further details for each topic.

Our tech bulletin on bath fan installation is a good example of a topic that initially came from a question that needed a better building science perspective. In consideration of ENERGY STAR® best practices, as well as specific building codes, we are measuring the flow through bath fans more often.

Other Tech Bulletin topics that might be of interest to you can be found on the EnergyLogic Blog. Below you will find a few relevant post links for reference:

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Training resources to help reduce re-inspections

If you have a topic or situation that you think needs a better-applied building science perspective, please let us know and we will do our best to research your question and get a new Tech Bulletin on the subject.


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