First-ever Monthly Report to Offer Comprehensive Look at U.S. Housing Market Now Commercially Available


‘Housing Tides’ Delivers City-specific Updates when Housing Market Conditions Change

Nov. 1, 2016, DENVER – It is easy today to be overwhelmed by the vast amount of information published about the U.S. housing market, and to make inaccurate assumptions about market activity based on the wildly divergent views and forecasts published in the media. A new report called Housing Tides is the first of its kind to deliver complete, in-depth, balanced information about the housing and home building market. With Tides, financial advisors, mortgage lenders, product manufacturers, home builders and others will now be better informed, better prepared to respond to changing market conditions, and able to make smarter investment decisions.

As the only monthly report to provide a comprehensive measure and aggregated understanding of the state of housing and home construction across the top 41 U.S. markets, Tides collects, analyzes and synthesizes all of the existing perspectives, predictions and views into one convenient source. Delivered to subscribers every month, Tides features a monthly permit forecast, a housing media summary, a forecaster report card, and an index containing country-wide trending information and comparative market analysis. Clients cut through the clutter of information published about the industry, saving frustration and time, and are able to come to their own conclusions about market health.

Referencing 18 market indicators that range from unemployment rates and housing permits to rental vacancy and mortgage foreclosure rates, Tides provides a comprehensive view of the industry. The report also offers transparency in its own historical accuracy and the accuracy of other published forecasts, making it a reliable source of comparative information across time and creating accountability for reporting accuracy.

Tides was developed by EnergyLogic Inc., a Berthoud, Colorado-based software and building consulting company. EnergyLogic’s data-driven philosophy and its deep expertise in, and insight into, housing drove it to develop the report as a solution to its clients’ need for better, higher resolution data about the home building industry.

One client who has already benefited from Tides’ sophisticated aggregation and analysis technologies is Cal Trumbo, managing partner with Momentum Innovation Group.

“What sets the Housing Tides Report apart is the use of IBM’s Watson technology to analyze every media source reporting on the state of construction to provide a detailed sentiment of the industry,” said Trumbo. “As an innovation consulting group, we make a living helping our customers stay in front of their competition and stay ahead of the construction market. We will use the Tides Report to track current trends that allow us to help customers skate to where the puck is going to be – and see the changes coming before anyone else.”

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About Housing Tides

Housing Tides (“Tides”) is the only monthly report that provides a comprehensive measure and aggregated understanding of the health of the U.S. housing and home building industry. Designed to take the guesswork out of the vast amount of forecasting information published about this sector, Tides is a sophisticated report that delivers city-specific, updated information when market conditions change. It is the only report that uses natural language processing and machine learning to correctly understand and synthesize large volumes of data, making it more comprehensive, balanced and reliable than any other report of its kind. More information is available at


About EnergyLogic

Berthoud, Colo.-based EnergyLogic is a software and building consulting company that provides expert resources, education and support to new home builders and energy raters involved in the construction of high‐performance homes. EnergyLogic serves as a resource to other organizations that are influential in creating energy efficient housing across America, and also built the system that analyzes and detects fraud in all of the country’s residential energy ratings. More information may be found at


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