Here it is, Your Energy Professional Top 12!

Since becoming a part of the EnergyLogic family, I have noticed some similar praises and complaints from our staff regarding life outside the office.  Those all being related to living with an Energy Professional.  Some are good, some bad, some pretty funny.  What better idea than to blog about it?  Thus, the birth of EnergyLogic’s Top Twelve lists were born.

Top 12 Reasons Why it’s Awesome to Live with an Energy Professional

  1. Consistent upgrades to new more efficient appliances without begging.
  2. They are easily excited by lower utility bills.
  3. You can always find a flashlight.
  4. Free booties!
  5. They’re smarter than a NEST Thermostat.
  6. Our fish named Joyce-T and Captain Kneewall.
  7. Our furnace filters are changed as often as our underwear.
  8. We never run out of masking tape.
  9. Affectionately calling him the King of Caulk.
  10. Fun with infrared cameras!
  11. They will sign-off on anything.
  12. Playing ‘Audit My House.’


Top 12 Reasons Why it’s Difficult to Live with an Energy Professional

  1. It’s always dark.
  2. Convincing him that spray foam is not a design feature.
  3. Constantly pointing out other peoples home design flaws… usually to no one in particular.
  4. He’s been ruining dinner parties since 1992.
  5. There is nothing difficult, just ask him when he’s done talking the dog for a walk on the water.
  6. He will break down a door to turn on the bathroom fan when someone is showering.
  7. Talks a good game about what “I” need to do to improve “MY” efficiency while he sits on the couch eating “MY” chips and drinking “MY” beer.
  8. Dirty blower door jokes. They got old quick.
  9. My home has more meters, data loggers, and monitoring devices installed than an ICU patient.
  10. Annoyingly asking people what they pay in utilities.
  11. Cannot make simple decisions like “what’s for dinner” without extensive software modeling
  12. Repeated yelling at the kids, asking if they know the R value of a screen door


We would love to hear your contributions!  I know there are some good ones out there.



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3 Replies to “Here it is, Your Energy Professional Top 12!”

  1. Getting LED bulbs as stocking stuffers. As an energy professional, I think this is a plus. Others may not be as excited.

  2. Here is my list, I think they are all positive, but my wife may think differently. Enjoy! 1. Must have a IAQ device that talks to the thermostat which then talks to the furnace. Also apps to record data.
    2. My Excel spreadsheet of utility data is amazing.
    3. Constantly monitoring weather temps to know the exact moment to turn whole house fan on.
    4. Can provide cumulative data to any solar salesperson who shows up at my door.
    5. Can confirm that my garage door opener light is a LED.
    6. Judges people by the quality of door weather stripping.
    7. Takes personal CO monitor on all vacations.
    8. Makes kids wear person CO monitor when they attend birthday parties for friends or sleepovers. (despite eye roll from kids)
    9. Can say without hesitation or regard for feelings if your stove is filthy using the disclaimer, “I’m a Certified Healthy Home Inspector.” (Which is true by the way)
    10. Asks to see the CAZ everywhere I go.
    11. Knows the exact usage and cost of each appliance in the house.
    12. Constantly saying how awesome building science is to no one in particular.
    13. Coached grocery store checker to insist that window company properly air seals window at the time of installment.

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