Introducing our new HVAC Designer, Scott Olson


Introducing our new HVAC Designer, Scott Olson

Q&A: Learn more about Scott, his design philosophy, background, and credentials!

What was your first job in residential construction industry?

Construction Superintendent for a National Home Builder in Denver. The Job consisted of front and back‐end scheduling, and warranty work.

How and when did you first become interested in high performance homes and energy efficiency?

While working for a local home builder, I helped create their High Performance testing on all homes. I received my Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) Certification and tested homes for energy code compliance and made sure homes were ENERGY STAR compliant. I balanced the needs of a production builder with ENERGY STAR best practices.

How did you get into HVAC Design?

I was challenged by my boss, while working for a large production builder, to take on a whole new role as an HVAC Designer. My construction experience as a superintendent was a huge advantage and I strived to make my designs be trade friendly and cost-effective.

What insights did you gain on HVAC designs when you worked directly for a large production builder?

Designed cost effective, construction friendly and functional HVAC systems

What elements of EnergyLogic’s HVAC design philosophy resonated with you and attracted you to the job?

EnergyLogic’s HVAC design services, with a goal of ensuring comfort and efficiency with properly built envelopes integrated with properly-sized and designed HVAC systems.

What are some of the common design mistakes or misconceptions builders should watch out for?

Sizing HVAC with a rule-of-thumb calculation. With today’s tighter building envelopes, rule of thumb often results in oversized systems that cost more upfront and cost more to operate over time. Oversized systems also don’t dehumidify as well as properly sized systems because the run time is shorter, so occupants are actually paying more for discomfort. 

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time, I enjoy grilling, working on projects around the house, and camping.

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