Join TeamDURA to Rebuild this Zero-Energy DURA Home

Get Ready for an Exciting Summer with Berthoud Habitat for Humanity!

This is a unique opportunity for you to partner with Berthoud Habitat for Humanity in supporting a special home built by students at the New York City College of Technology (NYCCT).

Every 2 years the U.S. Department of Energy puts on a “Solar Decathlon” to challenge collegiate teams to design, build, and operate solar-powered houses that are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and eye-catching. Teams work on creating the best blends of affordability, consumer appeal, and design excellence with optimal energy production and maximum efficiency.

For the 2015 Solar Decathlon, NYCCT put together a team of 60+ students to design and construct a resilient, energy-efficient home that could adapt to the needs of a diverse urban community. Thus, TeamDURA was created:  Diverse, Urban, Resilient, and Adaptable.

Check out the videos below to learn about the team’s 2015 Solar Decathlon journey:

Video: NYC Tech Presentation – Solar Decathlon 2015

Video: NY City Tech Team Interview – Solar Decathlon 2015

In 2017, Berthoud Habitat for Humanity became aware of the availability of this home and negotiated with the college to purchase and move the DURA house – in 6 pieces – to Berthoud, CO. From June 11 – 27, 2018, approximately 20 to 25 students and professors from NYCCT will be staying in Berthoud to reassemble this state-of-the-art house – the first of its kind for Habitat affiliates in Northern Colorado.

The Zero-Energy DURA Home Construction

Image credit: Ngawang
Image credit: Ngawang
Image credit: Ngawang

Explore the DURA Home Interior

DURA Home Floorplan
Dining Room – Image credit: Prof. A. Aptekar
Dining Room Image credit: Prof. A. Aptekar
Living Room – Image credit: Prof. A. Aptekar
Kitchen and Dining Room – Image credit: Prof. A. Aptekar
Adaptable Room – Image credit: Prof. A. Aptekar
Master Bedroom – Image credit: Prof. A. Aptekar
Bathroom – Image credit: Prof. A. Aptekar

Join the Summer Class – Opportunity Details Below!

Click here for a detailed overview of the Zero-Energy DURA Home Opportunity

We encourage you to help make history and showcase this energy-efficient home. Come change the look of affordable housing.  Join EnergyLogic as a supporter of the DURA House project and team up with Berthoud Habitat!

Zero-Energy DURA Home Contacts:

Stefanie Allison  | Associate Director of Development

Berthoud Habitat for Humanity

Email Allison

Phone: (970) 308 8772

Michael T. Cooke PE  | Construction Superintendent

Berthoud Habitat for Humanity

Email Michael

Phone: (970) 310-9332

Professor Alexander Aptekar

Email Professor Aptekar

Learn more about TeamDURA  – Diverse | Urban | Resilient | Adaptable



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