RESNET® Energy Smart Builders Program Making Strides

RESNET_EnergySmart_Builder_Vertical_LogoThe RESNET Energy Smart Builder program is gaining traction with builders of all types.  This no cost program is simple and can be utilized by all builders who are receiving HERS® index scores for their homes. All a builder needs to do is be designated by RESNET as an Energy Smart Builder and to submit a Memorandum of Understanding with RESNET to have each home energy rated and to market each home’s HERS Index.

EnergyLogic will provide you with a HERS Index score for every home where we complete our inspections. Yes, any home, whether you are doing Energy Code compliance, Energy Star or just getting a performance inspection.  The HERS Index is the nationally recognized scoring system for measuring a home’s energy performance. Energy Smart is designed to leverage your home’s performance to increase sales and awareness of the great things you are doing.

Usefull information can be found at the following:

EnergyLogic’s staff of RESNET certified home energy raters are your link to this powerful marketing platform.  Please contact us with any questions.



Robby Schwarz
Principle, Builder Client Services
EnergyLogic, Inc.


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