Should RESNET® Require a Blower Door Test for RESNET HERS® Ratings?

EnergyLogic has spoken out and issued a position paper on the topic of whether RESNET should require a blower door test for HERS Ratings.  The topic has come up on a few social media networks and apparently this issue is not as easy to tackle as one might think.  The fact is RESNET doesn’t require blower door testing.  The reality is most providers require it, most raters do it.  These two discrepancies should be a concern to an industry pushing for consistency.

If you’re a provider and you don’t already address the issue, make sure your policies and procedures include a requirement for blower door testing for every confirmed HERS Rating.  There are many benefits to the builder, homeowner, and rater in having a blower door required.  However, you should be careful how you word the requirement as you don’t want the liability of requiring something that could be hazardous to the occupants of a home.  You might be thinking “how can a blower door be hazardous”?

Hint: These dirty words rhyme with “as best toast” and “gold”.  You guessed it, asbestos and mold in an existing home could be hazardous to homeowner health when stirred up and we all know blower doors can move some air.  See EnergyLogic’s position on the matter here; “Requiring Blower Door for RESNET HERS Ratings-Position Paper.”

If you’re a HERS rater, review your provider’s policy and procedures documents and make sure your provider requires blower door testing under safe conditions.  If they don’t, inform them why they should.

Glenn Pease
Energy Professional Services, Technical Lead

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